Scott + Mel

December 8 2018

This love story is pretty amazing! Mel and Scott booked me through Sandstone Point Hotel’s “all inclusive wedding package” and Im so glad they did. These two are so down to earth and amazing parents to Eli and Hudson! I was so honoured to be a part of this big day and had the most incredible time at their wedding Their proposal was pretty cute and goes a little something like this – Scott took Mel on a “Suprise Birthday Dinner” which ended up being him proposing. He organised a rustic picnic setup on the bottom of the Kangaroo Cliffs looking out to the city. LIKE AMAZING!!!! When they arrived he popped the question and the lady was secretly hiding taking some photos! How magical!! And to get it all caught on camera is even more special <3

Their wedding day was just as magical and someone up above was definitely looking out for them! It rained on and off the WHOLE DAY!! But, every single time I was ready to head outside and take photos the skies cleared up and rain stopped. It was pretty crazy! 

I hope you love these photos <3

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